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According to official sources, GIBXSWAP and BabySwap have reached strategic cooperation. BabySwap will be one of GIBXSWAP‘s main sources of cross-chain transactions. Through BabySwap, X-USDT will be used for cross-chain transactions with other DEX tokens on the chain. Realize asset cross-chain in a completely decentralized way.

GIBXSWAP focuses on mainstream cryptocurrencies, while BabySwap focuses on newborns. BabySwap also provides Trade Mining, NFB, Playground, Bottle, and provides assets with various services such as turnover increase, NFT branding, drainage promotion, growth fund, etc., and the platform currency BABY is integrated into these functions to subsidize or lock positions.

GIBXSWAP is a decentralized transaction protocol based on an automated market-making mechanism, which aims to integrate the differentiated advantages of multiple basic public chains. Create a high-performance composite DEX ecosystem, give participants maximum feedback with the “dual mining incentive” of liquid mining and transaction mining, and realize a self-driving value capture ecological closed loop through the fee repurchase and destruction mechanism. Committed to building a Defi platform integrating DEX, IMO, and DAO.

What has attracted global attention is that GIBXSWAP has launched a new decentralized currency “X”. The new currency is the core token of the GIBXSWAP platform, which can be used for voting, repurchasing, fundraising, trading, and earning coins. The emergence of “X” is mainly due to the gradual increase in the circulation of the original GUSDT market, and the market value urgently needs a larger carrier to achieve breakthrough growth; the market needs a new currency to stimulate it. The maximum supply of “X” is 1 billion, and the block reward: each block rewards 20 “X”s. The “X” open-source code is audited by professional organizations such as Ernst & Young and Deloitte, ensuring safety. At the same time, “X” will support the decentralized cross-chain transaction protocol of BSC, HECO, and ETH, using “dual mining incentives through liquidity mining and transaction mining”, which can enable participants to obtain maximum returns and seamless integration Binance and Huobi have huge global traffic and head resources.

The newly launched GIBXSWAP is open: liquidity mining, transaction mining, asset cross-chain functions, and the board of directors mechanism will be implemented. The GIBXSWAP board of directors mechanism pledges designated LP and the single currency and can divide “X” according to the proportion of locked position. “X” will have a complete repurchase mechanism. Every quarter, part of the GIBXSWAP platform profits will be used for repurchase and airdrop “X”. The repurchased “X” will be directly destroyed, and the repurchase record will be announced as soon as possible. Users can query through the blockchain browser to ensure openness and transparency; the “airdrop” part will be allocated according to the weight of each pool, and then dug out according to the proportion of the locked position. In other words, “X” is a deflationary currency. With deflation and high liquidity, you can earn passive income by holding the currency.

At the same time, GIBXSWAP relies on the GIBXChange platform as a representative of the decentralized exchange and has three core components: a new blockchain transaction bottom platform, a new generation of transaction protocols, and a cross-chain decentralized exchange. The system is designed in five aspects: “asset security, market flow, fair transaction, ecological openness, and transaction experience”, covering the complete architecture of the main technical logic and business logic of decentralization.

BabySwap implements the development trend of follow-up imitation and integrated innovation. In order to meet the basic needs of the market, both transactions, the establishment of liquidity pools, and liquidity mining will be fully deployed. In addition to this, in order to solve the existing market problems, BabySwap has developed more innovative functions and services, including:

  • The logos of all currencies are included by default, which is convenient for users to quickly identify
  • Relax the scope of the Default List, cooperate with more data websites, and select and display high-quality assets
  • The exchange path gives priority to USDT and encourages users to provide liquidity for “ALT-USDT” and participate in liquidity mining to obtain lower-cost arbitrage
  • 0.05% of transaction volume buyback GIBXSWAP as a growth fund, and voted by users every week, winning projects will be funded
  • Support project operation activities in the form of a centralized exchange, and establish an incubation alliance to help connect more resources (CEX / media/community)

In other words, BabySwap provides traders with the best opportunity for potential early investment projects, and through trading, liquidity mining, voting support, and other methods to truly support their fancy projects has become a market hotspot. Through this cooperation, the vast influence of GIBXSWAP will be further expanded, and it is expected to become the next benchmark for real DEX in the future.

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